Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fire in the Sky

I witnessed the most incredible event from my airplane window a few weeks ago as I returned to New York from Grandkids Retreat. Flying over Pennsylvania we passed the torrential storm that shut down New York for a day. These pictures do not come remotely close to capturing what I saw.

Mini Madness

I love driving! It is in my blood. After our trip to Palmyra I realized my need to get out of the every once in awhile so I signed up for ZipCar. As soon as I hit the confirm button I started to have buyers remorse and wondered if I would ever use it. Today all of my concerns were wiped away. Mark and I rented a Mini Cooper to take Juleen to the airport. It was a great adventure - all documented by Mark, our fabulous personal photographer - and one I am planning to recreated again and again.