Monday, March 8, 2010


23 years and 4 days ago, I had a dream that my mom (who was prego) was going to have a little boy. The dream was so vivid and clear I can still remember the pram we pushed up a cobblestone street and my baby brother tucked inside the blue and white blanket puffy blanket. I woke up surprised by my dream. I had been convinced I was going to have a baby sister. I jumped out of my bed and ran into my parent's room to tell my mom that after months of disagreeing with her, I thought she's was right - I thought she was going to have a boy. As I burst into the room, to my shock, I found my uncle Steve in place of my parents. The surprises didn't stop there. He told me my parents had gone to the hospital in the middle of the night and my mom had had a 7 lbs. baby girl! Claire Elise Olds - the pride and joy of my life.

She started out as Elizabeth and then she became Claire and then Mowgli, Roo, Chuckawalla, Chuck, Small Fry, and Baby. She has so much personality one name just won't do. Claire has never been timid or shy and will do just about anything. If it equals fun she is in. It is one of the things I adore about her. But what I love even more is her loyal tender heart. She is one of the sweetest people I know. I am touched time and time again by the tender things she does for people and the loving way she treats them. I will never forget one time when I was really sick in high school and I couldn't leave the couch for days. She came and laid next to me on the couch and just rubbed my head for hours on end. She couldn't have been more than 10 yrs old. It is one of my sweetest memories.

Beloved Light - that is Claire.

Love you Baby!
The end.